About Us

Our mission

To connect global buyers and suppliers by providing the right information, at the right time, in the right format.


  • Global product & supplier discovery
  • Faster evaluation
  • Higher ROI
  • Supplier & market intelligence

Team members

  • Stability
  • Personal growth
  • Career opportunity
  • Stimulating environment
  • Company leadership


  • Global marketing & sales opportunities
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Higher ROI
  • Buyer & market intelligence



  • Proven business model
  • Strong management
  • Recognized brand
  • Track record of profitability

We want to cater you the best product delivered or the best raw materials you need from any part of the world at the best rate at the point of source of origin.We may first send our quality assessment team to the point of product to make sure that the quality and parameters are met as per your requirements. We, in fact may already have a pool of materials for your need and we just have to ship it out to your point of destination.



For a business of worldwide opportunity, the bottleneck always been the facility creation or a trust factor of the beneficiary. This where we stand to create a facility by using our bank credit worthiness for you. Each time you close an order with us we make sure that you can deliver/buy it by using our banking facility. This we create by using our banking facility like L.C/BG  to be extended for your particular deal by we legally come in as a high seas trader/buyer or a facilitator by legally using our credits and thereby we earn legitimately  as per our banking records and the process continues.


  1. You spot us a business and we study it and become a part of the deal and the profit is shared without you invest in it.
  2. We represent you worldwide physically for any inspection/analysis or meeting.
  3. Your end client is secured by a tri party agreement and endorsed at mutual banks for payment facilitation.
  4. Each rolls and extension of the same business is done automatically as the endorsed MOU is placed at respective parities banks and violations if any attracts banking facility and reputation at stake.
  5. At any point of time of business you can transfer the said deal to any third party with an email for all.
  6. A dedicated team is always deployed for any deal till the closing.
  7. You can get new clients throughout the year by our association.




Global trade is driven by information. As supply chains grow more intricate and complex, the need for reliable information grows ever greater. Buyers need to know they can trust their Suppliers to deliver quality products at optimal prices. Suppliers need a platform to effectively communicate what they offer. NRC is the platform where this information exchange takes place. Since 1970, we have been B2B industry pioneers, developing an integrated marketing solution to connect buyers and suppliers through online, face-to-face and magazine channels. Buyers use NRC because they know they can trust our community of Verified Suppliers. Suppliers use NRC because they know they can reach their target buyers most effectively through an integrated marketing platform. This is what makes NRC such a powerful trade tool. In our fifth decade, we are expanding both our offering of products and our geographic focus. So whether you are a buyer, supplier, investor or team member, you have much to look forward to, and we welcome you to join our international community